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Over the past thirty years, Hagen Construction, Inc. has specialized in a variety of commercial and residential projects such as hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, single family homes and multi-story condominiums.

In order to understand our company’s origin and culture of success, it’s necessary to highlight the youthful accomplishments of the company’s founder, Alfred D. Hagen. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Fred Hagen spent his formative years as a a wildcat carpentry contractor roaming the Alaskan frontier.

In the late 1970s, Fred traveled to Alaska to find employment on the Oil Pipeline Project. While working on the pipeline during the day, Fred attended the University of Alaska in the evenings and worked as a carpenter on the weekends. Through this journey, Fred learned the construction industry from the ground up. When he moved back to Bucks County in 1979, he continued working as a carpentry contractor. Six years later he became signatory

to a carpentry union agreement and formed Hagen Construction, Inc. in 1987.

VP of Operations George Jackson began his career at Hagen Construction as a journeyman carpenter over thirty years ago. He evolved through a grassroots learning philosophy, plunging himself into all areas of the preconstruction and project management processes. Today, George is highly regarded throughout the region as the centerpiece of a successful and well-organized construction company. George oversees each project from the initial bid process through punch list completion. He works tirelessly in order to ensure the total satisfaction of our client.

In every job, large or small, our company honors the core principles established by Fred Hagen—professionalism, integrity and craftsmanship. With this fundamentally sound, practical set of values, the future of our company looks to be as successful as its illustrious past.

Management Staff

Alfred D. Hagen
CEO & President

George W. Jackson
Vice President of Operations

Brian Cash
Vice President of Estimating

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